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Who We Are.

Holding Hands

Founded in 2012, Bailey Private provides fiduciary services to discerning consumers who desire a truly expert, safe, and socially-conscious alternative in today’s marketplace and take satisfaction in awarding their business to a company that guarantees the utmost commitment to client-focused professional excellence, the highest ethical standards, and sound corporate governance.

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Anya Edwards, JD, TEP
President & Founder

With nearly 25 years experience serving the unique needs of high-net-worth individuals and their families and managing the trust departments within some of the oldest and largest banks and trust companies in the country, Bailey Private Founder and President, Anya Edwards, JD, TEP, has built and defined her career by an earnest and unyielding commitment to exceptional relationship-based and client-focused service in the field of trust management and estate settlement services.


This said, after 15 years working within the traditional, large corporate setting, events within the financial industry, from the ongoing cycle of merger and acquisition to the scandalous headlines that have compromised even once venerable institutions, demonstrated time and time again for Anya that the profit-driven values of these large institutions too often did not align with her own core client-centric principles. And thus, the idea for establishing Bailey Private was born where professional fiduciary services are tailored to the client and offered in a boutique setting independent of the traditional large bank and trust company model and free of the many risks and concerns that continue to plague the broader financial sector.


If this business approach appeals to you, we would love the opportunity to earn your business!

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