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How We Help.

Our Pledge.

As professional fiduciaries for our clients, their families, and the assets they entrust to us, we promise the highest standard of care in carrying out our duties and pledge the following to our clientele:

To Serve Your Mission.

We serve our clients by faithfully carrying out the duties and responsibilities set out by the terms of the agreement under which we are acting as fiduciaries. We adhere to the explicit guidelines set forth in the document using prudent and professional care according to our clients' values and judgment rather than substituting our own.

To Act Prudently and Reasonably.

We use the highest standard of care and judgment when working with our clients and their wealth and do our utmost to protect, preserve, and promote our clients' long-term personal and financial well-being.

Our Loyalty.

As professional fiduciaries, we adhere to the highest ethical standards and always put our clients' interests above our own. We diligently work to identify and avoid any conflicts of interest. Our firm works for and is paid exclusively by you and you only. We receive no fees or any other compensation from third-parties. 

To Act with Impartiality.

We serve in a fair and impartial manner respecting the needs and ambitions of those we serve, even where there may be multiple clients involved with potentially competing objectives. We take a holistic and comprehensive approach that takes into consideration both the current and long-term goals of the relationship.

To Protect Client Property.

We never combine or commingle our clients assets or hold title to property in anything but a fiduciary relationship. Client assets are deposited or custodied (held) by a third-party regulated financial institution. 

Professional Liability and Errors & Omissions insurance coverage is carried by Bailey Private and its Officers.

To Invest Prudently.

We approach the investment of our client's assets in a prudent and principled manner guided by objectivity and a common-sense approach that seeks to maximize return and reduce risk through thoughtful planning and implementation of well-diversified, low-cost portfolios tailored to the needs of our clients.

To Delegate Wisely.

Where we are asked to partner with another advisor or elect to delegate one or more duties to another party, we work to insure the third-parties work with our clients are expert in their field, their fees are reasonable and competitive, and we periodically monitor and review their work product and performance.

Communication & Information Excellence.

We believe in making robust and regular communication easy for our clients by making ourselves available by cell phone, fax, email, and even text messaging and service beyond traditional business hours, where needed. We also strive to answer client requests, deliver information promptly, and keep our clients' records secure.

We do not sell, exchange, or otherwise share our clients' data and information without their prior and explicit consent.

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